High Voltage Module GL7-HV

GL7-HV This is the voltage input module capable to measure high voltage as a AC power line or an electric vehicle. It can be measured high voltage as maximum 1000V in at fast speed as maximum 1MS/s (1ƒĘs interval). Demand to measure a signal as a control and power line in the inverter-based system used for vehicle and electrical equipment is increased.

High withstand voltage (maximum input range 1000V)

It can be measured in a safe and reliable by having a high maximum input voltage and withstand voltage.

Input coupling (DC or AC)

By using the DC and AC coupling feature, the voltage signal of a small signal superimposed on the input signals or the absolute voltage value can be recorded.

RMS (effective value) measurement in real time

It is able to handle the measurement for a long time as durability test by measuring in effective value (RMS).

Application examples

Industry Agriculture, Forestry,
and Fisheries
Construction &
Public Works
Machinery industry Electrical
equipment industry
equipment industry
(Electricity, Gas)
Power supply measurements Power supply measurement of equipment Power supply to the machine High voltage circuit Battery for electric vehicles High voltage circuit
Power supply measurements Hybrid vehicle battery Inverter control signal
Inverter control signal

GL7-HV specification

Item Description
Type of module Voltage measurement module - High-voltage model -
Model number GL7-HV
Number of input channels 2 channels
Input method All channels isolated unbalanced input, Simultaneous sampling,
Isolated BNC connector
Sampling speed (interval) 1 M Samples/s to 1 Sample/h (1 ƒĘs to 1 hr.)
Built in RAM 2 million samples for each channel
Input coupling and measurement AC, DC, AC-RMS, DC-RMS
Measurement range DC, AC 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 V Full Scale
DC-RMS, AC-RMS 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 Vrms Full Scale
(Crest Factor: up to 4 in 1 to 200 Vrms range, up to 2 in 500 Vrms range)
Measurement accuracy (*1) DC, AC }0.25% of Full Scale
DC-RMS Sine wave measurement
}0.5% of Full Scale (at 20 Hz ≤ F ≤ 1 kHz)
}1.5% of Full Scale (at 1 kHz < F ≤ 20 kHz)
Response time: 500ms (Crest Factor is up to 4)
AC-RMS Sine wave measurement
}0.5% of Full Scale (at 100 Hz ≤ F ≤ 1 kHz)
}1.5% of Full Scale (at 1 kHz < F ≤ 20 kHz)
Response time: 500 ms (Crest Factor is up to 4)
A/D converter Successive Approximation type, 16 bits (effective resolution: 1/40000 of the measuring full range in the DC and AC coupling,
1/20000 of the measuring full range in the DC-RMS, AC-RMS coupling)
Input impedance 1 Mƒķ }5%
Maximum input voltage Between (+)/(-) terminal 1000 Vp-p
Between channels ((-) terminals) 300 Vrms AC
Between channel/GND 300 Vrms AC
Max. voltage (withstand) Between channels 2300 Vrms AC (1 minute)
Between channel/GND 2300 Vrms AC (1 minute)
Isolation Between input/GND Min. 50 Mƒķ (at 500 V DC)
Common-mode rejection ratio Min. 90 dB (50/60 Hz, Signal source impedance: Max. 300 ƒķ)
Frequency response DC Coupling: DC to 200 kHz (+1/-3 dB)
AC Coupling: 4Hz to 200 kHz (+1/-4.5 dB)
Filter Low pass OFF, Line (1.5 Hz), 5, 50, 500, 5k, 50k Hz (at -3 dB, 6dB/oct)
External dimensions (W~D~H) Approx. 49 x 136 x 160mm (Excluding projections)
Weight Approx. 740 g
Subject to the conditions:
œ Room temperature is 23Ž }5Ž. œ When 30 minutes or more have elapsed after power was turned on.
œ Filter is set to 10 or Line. œ GND terminal is connected to ground.
Measurement accuracy of RMS is effective for input voltage of 5 to 100% in each measurement range.