Downloading the User Manual for CE LITE-50

Downloading Files

Item Languege Edition Download
User Manual English 2nd edition CELITE-50-UM151_ENG_Rev.2.pdf (5,670KB)
French CELITE-50-UM151_FRA_Rev.2.pdf (5,887KB)
German CELITE-50-UM151_DEU_Rev.2.pdf (5,876KB)
Spanish CELITE-50-UM151_ESP_Rev.2.pdf (5,848KB)
Italian CELITE-50-UM151_ITA_Rev.2.pdf (5,907KB)
Portuguese CELITE-50-UM151_PRT_Rev.2.pdf (5,890KB)
Russian CELITE-50-UM151_RUS_Rev.2.pdf (5,624KB)
Chinese CELITE-50-UM151_CHN_Rev.2.pdf (6,417KB)
Korean CELITE-50-UM151_KOR_Rev.2.pdf (5,787KB)
Japanese CELITE-50-UM101_JPN_Rev.2.pdf (6,370KB)

Revision History

2nd edition

Update: 2018/3/16

  1. Added a method to adjust the blade depth of PM-BS-002 for thicker materials in Section 2.1 “Setting the Tool.”
  2. Added a method of using of the Cross cutter (PM-CC-001) in Section 4.1 “Cutting Roll Media.”
  3. Added a method to replace the Cutting mat (PM-CR-001) in Section 6.5 “How to Replace the Cutting Mat.”

1st edition

Update: 2018/1/22

  1. First release