There are two types standard software for GL2000 and GL980, the PC software GL980_2000-APS can control GL2000 or GL980 and display measured data, the high-performance software GL-Connection has advanced functions and be used with other device of GL series.

PC measurement with standard PC software included (GL980_2000-APS)

Multiple measurement screens including Y-T waveform, XY chart

Y-T display
Recorded signal is displayed in waveform (Y-T) and digital value for each channel.

Y-T display (Zone mode)
Screen is divided into multiple zone, and channels can be assigned to each zone.

XY display
Four groups of XY charts are displayed.

Easily Connect to the GL2000/GL980 with Quick Set Up Conditions

Convenient features from the GL980_2000-APS software

File combine and bind function

  • Superimpose: Data or file recorded on another unit or time can be imported as additional channels when using a SUPERIMPOSE function.
  • Link: Captured data in multiple files are connected and saved as new file. It is helpful in reviewing data captured with relay mode.
  • * Measurement parameters of each file must be the same.

Direct Excel function

The GL980_2000-APS software executes recorded data into a file on PC in real time and exports to a specified Excel file at the same time.
This is a valuable tool in creating report requiring post-process calculation with Excel software.

Printing function

The waveform of the playback data can be printed using a default printer. Printing range of the waveform can be set between cursors or all waveforms.


Advanced software GL-Connection (version 2.0)

The high-performance software GL-Connection is included as an accessory

 Major features 
・Supports connection with other GL units (*) simultaneously
・Supports up to 20 GL units (*)
・Screen division function: 4 screens
・FFT analysis function
* GL220, GL240, GL820, GL840 series, GL900 series, GL7000 series, GL980 and GL2000 can be connected.
* Ethernet (LAN) and USB can be mixed for connection between GL unit and PC.

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