GRM-ONE series


Simplified Cloud Set Up - One-stop contract at Graphtec

Graphtec will provide all set up for the cloud platform.

IoT gateway carries a built-in operation for data logger GL series

Example: Wireless connection with GL840.

Available in Pro and Premium Versions

Simplified usage on the Pro version and additional features available on the Premium versions.
   Pro Version   :Best for periodic observation of signal data from the GL series and video data from the remote camera.
 Premium Version :Data transfer amount: Unlimited (Typical)
Ideal for FTP transfer of high-speed sampling data and frequent usage of the network camera.
Email notification and data report function available.

Functions Pro Version with Camera Premium Version with Camera
Number of IoT gateway per cloud server Unlimited
Number of GL instruments per IoT gateway 5 units OR Max. 1000 channels
Measurement recording interval
(between GL data logger and Cloud server)
1 minute
Remote Operation X X
Remote file download X (*1) X
Map Display X X
Network Camera Function (1 unit per gateway) X (*2) X (*2)
Mobile smart devices X (*3) X
Alarm-based live PDF reporting - X
User defined report format - X
PDF-based reporting (with Password feature) - X
Pop-up window for alarm occurrances - X
X : Available.
The data transfer amount may exceed the capacity depending on the file size. Please refer to page---for the available service on data capacity.
Available for Pro version camera or Premium version camera.
Pro version camera may exceed maximum upload capacity depending upon the network camera setting.
Available using the internet browser of mobile smart devices.

System Outline


System Security

Every part of the data communication is encrypted for secure remote monitoring.