Modules - Application


Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

Construction, & Public Works

Machinery industry

Electrical equipment industry

Transportation equipment industry

Energy (Electricity, Gas)

Voltage module

  • Solar radiation, CO2
  • Moisture, PH
  • Strength of the wood
  • Tensile strength of the material
  • Load of press machine
  • Valve opening and closing angle
  • UPS test
  • Operation dislocation
  • Sensor development
  • Torque in the converter
  • Automotive battery test
  • Water heater control circuit

Voltage / Temp. module

  • Temperature wind speed in plant
  • Aquaculture environmental temperature
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Adiabatic wall temperature
  • Machine tool temperature
  • Aging chamber temperature
  • Air conditioner temperature
  • Refrigerator temperature
  • Environmental testing
  • Engine room temperature
  • Environmental testing, Cold climates test
  • Bearing durability test
  • Water heater temperature

Hi-speed Voltage module

  • Flow measurement
  • Displacement measurement
  • Machine/motor load
  • Inverter control signal
  • Sensor operating characteristics
  • Airbag test
  • Injection characteristics
  • Inverter control signal

High Voltage module

  • Power supply measurements
  • Power supply measurement of equipment
  • Power supply to the machine
  • High voltage circuit
  • Power supply measurements
  • Inverter control signal
  • Battery for electric vehicles
  • Hybrid vehicle battery
  • High voltage circuit
  • Inverter control signal

DC Strain module

  • Pressure of fishing nets
  • Water pressure measuremen
  • Strain of the building
  • Research and maintenance of structure
  • Load of the structure
  • Distortion of the press
  • Distortion of welding
  • Tensile strength test
  • Substrate strain
  • Distortion at the opening and closing operation
  • Distortion in the opening and closing of the door
  • Distortion in the vibration
  • Distortion of body
  • Distortion of the structure

Charge module

  • Seismic isolation measurement
  • Research and maintenance of structure
  • Vibration of installed products
  • Movement of the robot
  • Vibration of the motor, pump
  • Vibration of bearings
  • Vibration of the enclosure
  • Drop test
  • Substrate vibration
  • Running test
  • Shaking test
  • Vibration of an engine
  • Vibration of the enclosure

Logic / Pulse module

  • Plant factory
  • Precipitation
  • Control signal of the device
  • Gear rotation speed
  • Flow velocity, flow rate
  • Control signal of the machine
  • Rotation of the motor
  • Pulse count
  • Rotation of the engine
  • Rotation of the motor
  • Control signal
  • Flow velocity, flow rate

Voltage Output module

  • Seismic test
  • Vibration reproduction
  • Machine motion reproduction
  • Operating condition reproduction
  • Test reference signal
  • Machine movement reproduction
  • Driving vibration reproduction
The file for capturing data is limited up to 2GB. There is function that saving data to multiple files without losing data until capturing data is stopped.
The SSD module is optional. When the GL7-HSV and GL7-L/P is used simultaneously, number of channel in Pulse mode is limited.
The data captured by the GL7-V, GL7-M, GL7-HSV, GL7-HV, GL7-DCB or GL7-CHA can be replayed on the GL7-DCO module. (The measured data of temperature and humidity can not be replayed. It is able to create and output the simple waveform that are the DC voltage and sine, triangle, ramp, or pulse wave.
When selected sampling speed is faster than 10kS/s (100μs interval), same data will be used at each sampling until data is updated by sampling.