Supports multiple storage

Supports multiple destinations to save the captured data
according to the conditions of the measurement

Supports multiple types of storage and network function according to the condition of the measurement.

Supports multiple types of storage

Built-in RAM

RAM is built into each modules to allow saving of up to 2 million samples. Increasing the number of channels does not decrease the data capture duration.

Built-in Flash memory

2GB of Flash memory is built into the main module. Captured data can be saved directly to the flash memory when sampling speed is less than 1kS/s (1ms). Non-volatile memory (saved data is retained even if the power is turned off).

SD memory card (*1)

SD card slot (supports SDHC, up to 32GB) is standard on the main module. Captured data can be saved directly on the SD card when sampling speed is slower than 1kS/s (1ms). Supports hot-swap where SD memory card can be replaced during recording without any data loss. (*2)

SSD module (64GB) Allows multiple recording of large amount of data to be saved when optional SSD module is used. It has a high vibration resistance and the captured data can be saved directly to the SSD when sampling is not faster than 1MS/s (1μs). (*3)
The file for capturing data is limited up to 2GB. There is function that saving data to multiple files without losing data until capturing data is stopped.
This function is available when sampling speed is up to 10 samples/s (100ms interval).
Number of modules are limited.

Support interface frendly with the PC

Supports Ethernet and USB2.0

Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX) and USB2.0 (hi-speed) interface are standard. Each interface port is located in the front of the unit for easy cable connection.

It supports the following functions.

WEB server, FTP server function

It can be controlled by using a WEB browser, and signal can also be monitored. It supports accessing the captured data in memory device.

FTP client function

Captured data is periodically transferred to the FTP server for backup.

DHCP client function

The IP address of the GL7000 is automatically obtained from the DHCP server.

NTP client function

The clock on the GL7000 is periodically synchronized with the NTP server.

USB drive mode

GL7000 can emulate an external USB device for quick data file transfer when is is started in the USB drive mode. The file in the memory device can be transferred to the PC by drag & drop feature.