midi LOGGER HV GL2000

High speed 1 MS/s simultaneous sampling with isolated input

GL2000 is equipped with an isolated input mechanism to protect signals from interferences caused by noise from other channels. 16-bit A/D converter adopted to achieve hi-speed and hi-resolution measurement.

Multifunction input with CAT III measurement category

Voltage, temperature, humidity, logic and pulse measurements can all be taken simultaneously in high speed.

Large Easy-to-read 7-inch LCD

Adopts large TFT LCD with multiple methods for displaying information.

Quick and Easy Set Up Process

Simple operation with cursor and enter keys with six pre-set menu screens on large LCD.

Supports large built-in RAM (4MS/ch) and built-in Flash (4 GB)

Long term recording is made possible with 4 M sampling/ch built-in RAM and 4 GB built-in Flash memory. It supports both USB Flash memory and SD Card memory to be used as external storage devices for recorded data for certain sampling intervals.