Main unit specifications

Item Description
Model name DP-581H
Printing method Thermal printing system using thermal paper
Print resolution 8 dots/mm in width and feed direction
Paper feed accuracy ±2% ±0.5 mm
Print width 210 mm
Recording paper roll length 30 m
Print head lifetime Approx. 30 km (in print density 12.5 %)
Operation panel Key Power, Paper feed
Display Status LED (Power, Battery, Alert)
Status is indicated by combinations of three LEDs turning on/blinking/turning off.
Interface Type USB2.0 (Type-C), Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
Network function Web server function (for printer unit condition setting), DHCP client function
Supported models GL2000, GL980, GL840, GL240
* GL2000, GL980: Connect with USB or LAN cable (*1)
* GL840: Connect with LAN cable (*1) or WLAN (*2)
* GL240: Connect with WLAN (*2)
Operating environment 5 to 35 ºC, 30 to 80 %RH (No condensation)
Power source (*3) AC Adapter 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Battery pack Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (6-cell, 11.1 V, 6000 mAh, 66.6 Wh)
Battery (*3) Charging Charge using the main printer unit
Battery level Indicates low power warning with LED
Driving time (typical) Approx 150 meters at full charge in continuous printing at 5 mm/s with a low printing rate
External dimensions Approx. 312 [W] x 109 [D] x 66 [H] mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 2.0 kg (including battery pack and excluding AC adapter)
Corresponding standards CE mark, RoHS
WLAN access point is required. GL unit is connected to access point by LAN cable and printer is connected to access point wirelessly.
When wireless LAN on GL unit is set to access point mode, connect either printer or the GL100-WL. Both cannot be connected at the same time.
When AC adapter and battery are connected to printer, it is automatically selected and AC adapter has priority.
It is not switched while data is being printed.
When it is used with slow feed speed or with long standby time, the driving time (printable length) becomes short.

Printer function

Item Description
Print mode Y-T format in real time Prints data in waveform in real time while GL unit is recording in Y-T display mode
• Synchronous or asynchronous with the trigger
Y-T format in replay Prints data in waveform while data is being replayed on the GL unit in Y-T display mode
• All data or data in the area specified by cursors
* Not supported during 2 screen replay
Logging data in real time (*4) Prints data in digital value in real time while GL unit is recording in digital display
• Synchronous or asynchronous with the trigger
Digital data in replay Prints data in digital data while data is being replayed on the GL unit in Y-T display mode
• Option to print data in the area specified by cursors (Up to 1000 data points)
X-Y format printing Prints the XY graph when displaying data in X-Y format on the GL unit. (For GL980 and GL2000 only)
Bar graph printing (*4)(*5) Prints accumulated data graph displayed on the stacked bar graph on the GL unit
Y-T format Feed speed (*6) 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25 mm/s, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100 mm/min,
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100 mm/h, 10, 20 mm/day and external signal synchronization
• Function to set feed speed close to the screen TIME/DIV setting of GL unit.
* Does not automatically sync with TIME/DIV setting on the GL unit.
 Effective feed speed range depends on the sampling setting of the GL unit.
Print format 200 mm x 1 (* Multi-zone printing is not available.)
Zone function Trace position on printing is the same as the setting of the GL unit.
* One DIV grid on the GL unit corresponds to two DIV grids on printed paper.
Grid printing Off, 5 mm, 10mm Fine/Coarse
Span/Position Size and position of trace on printing are dependent on the setting of the GL unit
Annotation (*7)(*8) Prints the information set on the GL unit
Title field: Date, time, feed speed, system annotations
Channel field: Ch Annotation, AMP setting, data value
* Other texts can be added using flying annotation.
Channel mark Prints channel number
Distance mark Prints the accumulated value from the start point every 50 mm (*9)
Timing marker Off, 1, 10 sec, 1, 10 min, 1, 10 hrs (*9)
Alarm printing Prints the mark at point where the alarm occurred
* Prints perpendicular to feed direction.
Envelope mode Prints only an envelope of waveform
Trigger mark Prints the mark at point where the trigger occurred
Scale printing Prints scale value of channel (*7)(*8)
Logging printing (*4)(*7)(*8) Prints data with digital format
* Sampling is limited to 1 second or slower.
XY printing Prints waveform by copying the screen of the GL unit
Screen copy Function Prints image of screen displayed on the GL unit
Tone Color lines on screen of the GL unit are converted to grayscale by dither system
Waveform area Background color is the same as screen setting of the GL unit
List printout Prints condition settings of the GL unit
External signal synchronous feed function Synchronizes paper feed speed with an external signal inputting to the GL unit
* The external signal input to GL is adapted to one of external sampling, external trigger,
 synchronous paper feed.
Available when using GL240 or GL840.
Available when using GL240 or GL840 with GS sensor and displaying data with bar graph.
When the GL240 or GL840 is connected, maximum feed speed is 10 mm/s even if printer is driven by AC adapter. When printer is driven with the battery pack, max feed speed is 5 mm/s for all GL series connection.
Characters that can be printed are limited to alphabets (A-Z, a-z), numbers (0-9) and symbols that can be set on the GL unit. Double-byte characters such as Chinese, Japanese are not supported. When double-byte code is entered, it is printed by square mark.
When using GL840, up to 10 channels can be printed at the same time.
Select to print the timing mark or the distance mark.

Standard accessories

  • Battery pack, 1 pc
  • AC adapter (100-240 V), 1 pc
  • AC power cord, 1 pc
  • USB cable (length 1.5m), 1 pc
  • Recording paper (Roll), 1 roll
  • Quick start guide, 1 pc
  • Setup guide, 1 pc
  • CD-ROM, 1 pc


Item Model name Description Package
Recording paper PR-210X30 Thermal paper, 210 mm (W) x 30 m (L) 6 rolls/box
Battery pack BAT-581H Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (11.1 V, 6000 mAh) 1 pc/box


Scale :mm
Tolerance : +/- 5 mm