Custom products installation check

When the time of installation and delivery of custom product, the performance and operation of product need to be checked. The inspection data can be printed out and hand over to the customer on site.
[Industry] General Machinery

Data storage of flaw detection test

Check the output signal from tester and store the recording data on paper base.
[Industry] Steel   [Tasks] Manufacturing or Production control

Running test data collection of railway vehicle

Collecting various measurements data in-vehicle test of railway. Performing tests while recording measurement data on a paper for easy understanding of condition.
[Industry] Special Vehicle Industry   [Tasks] R&D

Printer for digital XY recorder

Measurement data can be displayed in X-Y graph on the GL unit. It is able to print on the paper.
[Industry] Material, Construction   [Tasks] R&D

Measurement for agriculture and construction machine

Printing various testing data to judge whether the machine meet the standard of quality.
[Industry] Construction Equipment/Vehicle   [Tasks] Inspection, QA

Measurement for heavy electrical equipment

Measure the voltage, current, and control signal. The measurement can be stored in paper base.
[Industry] Manufacturing & Factory   [Tasks] Maintenance