FC4550 series

Main Features

Table top type cutting plotter with max.750 mm/s cutting speed

The FC4500 Series are professional flatbed cutting plotters capable of processing a wide variety of materials with accuracy. Compact size that can be set on a table with precise control of contour cut, half cut,perforated cut, and plotting.this FC4500 series is the most economical solution for cutting thick, hard materials that cannot be fed through a grit rolling type cutting plotter.

Media hold-down method

It is very important to select exact media hold-down method in order to perform a precise cut. FC4500 series provide the following method to fit a variety of media.

NEW! Low tack cling mat (CM-0004)

The media is held by the dot shaped adhesive material on the low tack cling mat

Suitable materials (media)
- Highly-functional film - Highly-functional film (with backing sheet)

NEW! Micro suction cling mat (CM-0005)

The media to be cut is held to the cutter by the micro-sucker on the cling mat.

Suitable materials (media)

- Marking film- Labels, stickers - High-intensity reflective film - Cardboard (Paper articles, POP, POD)

- Micro flute board (F/G grades) - High-quality/grade paper (Marking)

Adhesive mat (CM-0002)

The media to be cut is held to the cutter by the sticky soft plastic mat.

Suitable materials (media)

- Coated cardboard for paper articles - Micro Flute board for package


Adhesive sheet (CM-0003)

The media to be cut is held to the cutter by the pressure-sensitive adhesive on the adhesive sheet.
* Supplying in roll. It is used by cutting to the required size.

Suitable materials (media)

- Marking film, PVC (Vinyl) - Labels/stickers, Film/paper - High-intensity reflective film - Cardboard (Paper articles, POP, POD)

- Paper with lamination - Micro flute board (F/G grades)


Material (Media) CM-0004
(Low tack type)
(Micro suction type)
(Adhesive mat)
(Adhesive sheet)
PVC (Vinyl) film for Marking, Sign No good (*1) Excellent N/A Good (*2)
Film / paper for label or sticker No good (*1) Excellent N/A Good (*2)
High-intensity reflective film for SIgn No good (*1) Excellent N/A Good (*2)
Cardboard for POP No good (*1) Excellent N/A Good (*2)
Coated cardboard for  POP No good (*1) Excellent N/A Good (*2)
Paper with lamination for POS No good (*1) No good N/A Excellent
Coated cardboard for paper articles No good (*1) Excellent Excellent Good (*2)
Micro Flute board for package No good (*1) Excellent Excellent Good (*2)
Highly-functional film with backing sheet for Industry Excellent Very good N/A Good (*2)
(CM-0004 is suitable)
Highly-functional film for Industry Excellent Very good N/A Good (*2)
(CM-0004 is suitable)
Stiff paper / card for Garment, Shoes No good (*1) Excellent N/A Good (*2)
High-quality paper for marking No good (*1) Excellent N/A N/A
Assessment varies by the material. There is different characteristic materials in the same category. Please evaluate with the material that is actually used.
Adhesive force will be weakened by the paper dregs in not many cuts. The mat needs to be frequently replaced. Do not recommend for this material.
It may occur curling of the material by strong stickiness when it is peeled off from mat.

Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system (ARMS)

Increase the productivity of the Print & Cut

Graphtec’s ARMS system adjusts for several types of potential print distortions, allowing for accurate contour cutting of pre-printed images and decals.

Advanced reverse-side cutting / creasing function

Cutting and creasing can be carried out from reverse-side when using the registration marks.

This function prevents a cutting / creasing line from appearing on the printed surface.


Enhanced functions for higher productivity

2-Tool holders for easy selection.

Two tools can be mounted at the same time for easy switching. If the cutter blade and the creasing tool are mounted at the same time, cutting and scoring operations are performed automatically for higher productivity.

Note: The second tool is held by magnetic force on the FC4550-50, so the choice of tool is limited.

Simple creasing function

A simple function to create fold lines for clean folding on micro-flute and cardboard has been enabled.

-) Up to thre fold lines can be selected

-) If two or three fold lines have been selected, the spacing between the lines can also be specified.

-) Repeated creasing operations can also be specified for each of the lines.

How too determine the number of creasing lines

-) Single-line    :  Substrates up to 0.1 mm thick

-) Double-line   :  Paperboard 0.1 to 0.5 mm thick

-) Triplee-line   :  Rigid cardboard 0.3 to 0.5 mm thick

Multi pass cut function

This function enable to perform the cut with multi pass on a media that cannot be cut

with a single cutting operation.ensuring sharp edges and corners.

Tangential emulation

Graphtec's proprietary tangential emulation provides precise and clean cutting even on thicker material,

ensuring sharp edges and corners.



Graphtec Pro Studio / Graphtec Pro Studio Plus

Design application software

Easy-to-use application software for creating original designs. It has enhanced functions such as auto-shapes, shading, and editing functions. It can also configure the cutting conditions and other settings on the plotter. Importing of EPS, Ai, CMX, and PDF file types are supported. Graphics created with other popular design software can be imported into the software.

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Cutting Master 4

Plug-in software for Illustrator & CorelDRAW

Cutting Master 4 is Graphtec plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. It sends cut data to the plotter and includes a variety of functions such as: preview, registration mark creation, tool conditions, cut job settings and more. Cutting Master 4 is easy to use and enables you to get the best performance from your plotter.

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Graphtec Studio for Mac OS

This is an easy-to-use application software for Mac OS to create original designs.
Images can be easily created by using the program icons that are arranged around the drawing area.

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