Consumable Item

Item Images Part No. Description Package
Cutter Set (Standard Blade) PM-BS-001 Normal media (film, paper, others) 1 set/pack
Cutter Set (Long Blade) PM-BS-002 Thick media
(soft rubber, polyurethane sheet up to 1 mm)
1 set/pack
Pen adapter PM-BH-001 For the a store-bought pen
Diameter of pen: 8 mm to 11.3 mm
1 set/pack
Carrier Sheet (13-inch) PM-CM-003 For the media without mount
Adhesive area (W x L): 330 mm x 483 mm
1 sheet/pack
Cutting mat PM-CR-001 For replacing cutting mat 1 mat/pack
Cross cutter PM-CC-001 For manually cutting from sheets and rolls 1 pc/pack